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Home Cleaning

Are you wanting to keep your house spotless but simply don't have the time or energy with your busy schedule? Despair no more! BACK TO ORIGINAL delivers just that and we are only a phone call away!

Your home is precious to us - no matter how big or small, a home is HOME! Down on our knees, reaching out high, bending over backwards not a spot is over looked by our perfection oriented BACK TO ORIGINAL cleaning expert.

Speedy yet thorough service using eco-friendly products at an affordable price to ensure a sparkling clean home is our mission. Seeing our customers smile with satisfaction makes our day as we drive away!

  • Home Spa Pricing
    Sr no B2O Price List for Home Spa Amount
    1 1 RK /BHK (upto 250 Sqft) 2399
    2 1 BHK (upto 500 Sqft) 3499
    3 2 BHK(501-800 sqft) 4999
    4 3 BHK(801-1200 Sqft) 5999
    5 4 BHK(1201-1500 Sqft) 6999

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