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“Each and Every one have a dream of Building their Own House!
When Your Dream Comes True, Maintaining will be an Burden!
Forget your Strains and Burden, We are here to make your Home Heaven!!!”

Home is the only place where you can get good health and peace. Also a place to get unlimited happiness. How it feels when it is unhygienic?

We are here at offering Home Cleaning Services Mumbai, to give your hygienic place as back To original

Home Deep Cleaning

Wash Room Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Service


Our service encloses,

We Know you are busy and your time is priceless, we also know that you love your home and don’t find time in this busy schedule to Clean your windows, sinks etc,.

That’s why we are here to provide the best House Cleaning Services Mumbai.

  • Home Deep Cleaning
  • Wash Room Cleaning Service
  • Office Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Best Housekeeping Services in Mumbai

Home Cleaning Services Mumbai includes cleaning of top to bottom of a home with eco friendly things and with modern equipments. We have a deep cleaning of all the following services. It includes,

  • Removal of Cobwebs
  • Removal of cobwebs from corner to corner
  • Dusting & cleaning of shoe rack
  • Dusting of gadgets like TV, home theatre, CD player, computer
  • Stain on wall will be Removed
  • Cleaning of cabinets, wardrobe, dressing table, study table
  • All doors will be cleaned & door handles will be cleaned & polished
  • Chair, Carpet and Sofa cleaning
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Vacuuming & foam wash of sofas, chairs, mattresses, carpets, curtains, bean bags
  • Leather sofa will be given leather treatment

Perfect House Cleaning Services Mumbai

“Usually, Cleanliness of Home can be predicted with how much the Washrooms are neat and Clean”

Our Services offer you the best deep cleaning of your wash rooms ensuring all the dirt and removing the disease causing bacteria. We Clean the Washrooms at regular Intervals. Surely you will be surprised with our affordable Price. Below listed are the things that we do at regular Intervals,

  • Deep cleaning & disinfection of washrooms.
  • All taps will be cleaned & polished.
  • Cleaning of Toilets, Basin and the floors

Office Cleaning

We Promise you to give Your Office Neat and clean like a new office daily. We clean Your Office in a Professional Manner Creating a pleasant environment for your employees and trying them to work in a place where they love to do. We also take an extra safety measures that helps you in your working Place. Listed are the cleaning ways that we focus,

  • Cleaning all the IT related equipments
  • Preventing over Heating
  • Creating a healthier and safer Working Environment
We provide extensive range of Professional service
    Creating the Best and Apt place to live by
  • Killing bacteria and germs
  • Increase Life of fabric
  • Removes stain with ease and sucks all dirt

We are offering this services specially for the Queen’s of all the Home. Keeping the Queen always happy is the main duty of all of them.

Also having a good kitchen will lead you to get a good food right?

If your kitchen is not clean enough mean’s you won’t able to get a healthy food. It will affect your family in many ways, And you are too busy with your day by day activities, This is the reason why we took this kitchen cleaning services to make each and every family as wealthy. We are here to take care of your kitchen and providing your precious time to spend with your Lovely Family.

Our Kitchen Cleaning Activities Involves,
  • Cleaning of Kitchen Platform and Cabinets from outside.
  • Cleaning and dry dusting to all electronic gadgets
  • Floor Cleaning - Scrubbing, dry and wet mopping
  • General Cleaning - Cobweb Removal, Dry Dusting of walls and ceilings.
  • Cleaning of Chimney, Windows & Exhaust Fan
  • Perfuming- to refresh your house from corner to corner
Benefits under Housekeeping Services in Mumbai

(As we know the disturbance of Clutter which may disturb our mind isn’t ?)
Pick up the phone, we'll clean your home

Eradicating Infections
The main purpose of cleaning is to get rid of Viruses and Fungus which leads you to be sick. Back To Original Home Cleaning Services serves like a global cover to resists you from disinfectants.

Allergies Under Control
Alternative Cleaning will make you stay back from the dusts and allergens.

Stress Free Nature
As we told earlier that Clutter will lead you into the disturbed mind and work nature right. Our Effective Services will make you stress free nature around you.
Change the way you feel from our help
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